Letter from the Secretary General

Most distinguished participants,

As the Secretary-General of Fen Bilimleri Anatolian High School Model United Nations, I would like to welcome you all to the 2nd official session of FBALMUN.

I am Elif Erboz. I am a junior at Aliağa Fen Bilimleri Anatolian High School, with pride holding the position of Secretary-General for FBALMUN'24. I would like to start by expressing my appreciation to the most esteemed executive team, which includes Melisa, Asil, Başar, Emir, Aslı, and Beyza. We overcame difficulties together and experienced happiness together and now we are carrying on the traditions dating back to FBALMUN'23, having created amazing times together during the first session of FBALMUN. I'm extremely pleased to be hosting the conference and carrying our legacy with such incredible people.

Together with the executive team, we work day and night to help you gain new perspectives and have a good time. We guarantee that FBALMUN will live up to your expectations for a conference.

The second session includes the setting up of seven committees, everybody involved, each discussing distinct and unique subjects. As our general assembly committees we present UNHABITAT, UNWOMEN, DISEC, ACEA, CONGRESS OF VIENNA and as our crisis committees we present JCC: Second West Russian War and TÜRKÇE KRİZ: Kore Savaşı. The purpose of this conference is for participants to gain self-improvement, awareness of current problems, diplomatic experience and, break the cycle. We anticipate that each member will take an active role in the discussions and work for maximum efficiency.

In addition, I want to express my gratitude to my academic team. You could be sure that their countless experiences, wide-ranging general culture, outstanding thoughts, and charming personalities will make sure you have a pleasant experience.

Furthermore, I would like to thank the hardworking members of the organizing team who have been working nonstop to provide you with an unforgettable time. They certainly will exceed all of your expectations and give you all that you require.

Since life is brief, the moments that will always bring us joy and that we will never forget are what truly make it special. I hope that for you, FBALMUN’24 will be one of those moments.In conclusion, I will be delighted to see each of you at Aliağa Fen Bilimleri Anatolian High School Model United Nations Conference on 26, 27 and 28 of June 2024.

With my warmest regards,

Başar Karabak

Elif Erboz

Letter from the Director General

Esteemed participants,

Welcome to this magnificent conference. I am Başar Karabak, an 11th-grade student at Aliağa Fen Bilimleri Anatolian High School, and I am honored to serve as the Director-General of this conference.

This conference holds significant meaning for me, primarily because it is hosted by my own school. Through FBALMUN, I have formed many lasting friendships. This year, FBALMUN is not just a conference for me; it may be the last place I see many of my friends. For many of you, Aliağa was the last stop of the metro İZBAN, and for some, it was considered a "village," but many people are eager to come to this "village" called Metropolitan Aliağa.

Therefore, the significance of this conference is immense to me, and I am striving and will continue to strive to ensure that this conference holds meaning for you as well. In this conference, you will gain insights into diplomacy and enhance your English diction skills. Perhaps you will forge friendships that may last for weeks or even years.

While you embark on this journey, my team and I have dedicated ourselves tirelessly, not even sparing the night and day leading up to the conference. We are already taking steps to ensure that you have a seamless experience during the conference, ensuring that you have an excellent conference experience.

I extend special thanks to the Secretariat, who worked tirelessly to make this conference possible. We are doing our utmost to create a flawless conference for you. I believe that all participants will demonstrate discipline and excel in their roles. I promise to deliver an unforgettable experience to each one of you.

I eagerly anticipate seeing you at our conference. Say hello to FBALMUN'24, the 2nd session of FBALMUN.

Warm regards,

Başar Karabak

Başar Karabak

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